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Health & Safety

The highest standards of health and safety.

HQ Scaffolding puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring the safety of our employees, bystanders as well as securing the workplace. We strive to apply the most innovative solutions in our industry.


Providing safety education

We provide education to our staff in the sphere of guaranteeing occupational safety and health. Each employee of HQ Scaffolding is professionally prepared to provide services in our company and adheres to high security standards while working.


New solutions to guarantee safety

We use the highest quality tools and solutions that meet safety standards. Our constructions are built and checked on the ground, and only after providing adequate safety full scaffoldings are placed.


Ensuring wellbeing of employees

We conduct periodic examinations of our team of employees and monitor their physical and mental health.

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Innovating safety solutions in HQ Scaffolding:


Training in VR technology

We use VR technology to enable employees to simulate their work, tapping them with moving at high altitudes and strengthening their confidence and safety.


New devices which ensures safety

We use modern and recognized in the industry, Elimin 8 scaffoldings, which have a reliable fastening system. We are always looking for ways to innovate to more effectively improve safety.

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