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Scaffolding safety requirements & tips

By , December 27, 2019

Whether you’re planning a quick renovation of your house or construction of the newly-built building, you will have a lot on your mind. Ordering the right scaffolding equipment, choosing a professional repair crew, selecting and buying proper materials and tools – these are just a few main things. Frankly, it can be a lot. But one of the others matters you should definitely pay your attention to, are scaffolding safety requirements.

Importance of scaffolding safety

Luckily, the times when a lot of renovation tasks were performed by workers who climbed up the ladders, are past us. Nowadays, everyone knows that scaffoldings are a way safer solution when it comes to renovations, upgrades, or any maintenance work done to the building. But we shouldn’t forget about making sure that the scaffoldings itself, are also stable and secure. How to do that? Everyone can follow a series of scaffolding safety tips, which will help to maximize the security of the workers.

Learn about scaffolding safety tips

Of course, any scaffoldings should be placed on firm ground and installed with regard to the manufacturer’s recommended procedures. To all open areas of the scaffold platforms, there should be added proper mid-rails, guardrails and toeboards. People working on scaffolds should wear protective helmets and non-slippery shoes. At the end of the day, any items placed on scaffolds should be removed by the crew.

What not to do?

There are also things we should avoid doing if we want to maximize the security of the scaffoldings. For once, the scaffolds and its components made by different manufacturers mustn’t be intermixed – connecting mismatched elements can have a negative impact on the stability of the construction. Scaffoldings shouldn’t be used as a storage space for tools and materials – the only items on them should be necessary for completing the task at hand and need to be removed afterwards. It’s forbidden to increase the height of scaffolding through the use of ladders and similar tools. In case of a storm or strong wind, the work should be stopped immediately.

Of course, one of the best ways of making sure that all the scaffoldings are safe to people working on them is entrusting with the installation of the construction to a professional company.

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