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What is the Difference Between Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding Services in London?

By , June 3, 2019

If you have lived in London for a long time, then you’re used to seeing scaffolds surrounding commercial buildings in the city. These are necessary in order to perform simple tasks to the exterior of these buildings, such as window washing, painting, siding repairs, utility installations/repairs, and roofing repairs. However, you don’t often think of using scaffolds on the exterior of residential buildings, such as houses or flat buildings. But they are used more frequently than you realize.

Difference between domestic and commercial scaffolding

Domestic scaffolding in London is what you would need if you wanted to rent scaffolds for your house, flat building, or other residential property. Commercial scaffolding in London is reserved for any type of commercial building, whether it’s a skyscraper or any corporate building where business activities take place. In most cases, commercial structures are taller than residential structures. This means the commercial structures will need more sophisticated scaffolds to allow workers to reach greater heights. There must also be more emphasis on safety too. Otherwise, an accidental fall off a tall scaffold will result in serious injury or death. 

Why do I need domestic scaffolding?

You’re probably wondering, “Why would anyone want domestic scaffolding in London?” Even if you own a two-story house, is it still wise to search for scaffolding to rent in London? Well, as far as houses are concerned, you can never be too careful when performing work on the outside. You may only have a two or three-story house, but that doesn’t mean serious injuries cannot happen. If you try to use a ladder to perform every maintenance task on the outside of your home, you’re going to increase your chances of getting injured. 

Things like painting and siding repair require you to have a lot of stability as you work. Scaffolding can give you this stability. Not only that, but scaffolding allows you to work faster because you won’t have to focus so much on balancing yourself. You can just walk on the platform of the scaffold as if you are walking on the ground. It is so much easier and faster to work this way.

Therefore, no matter what type of structure you need to work on, rent a scaffold from one of the many scaffolding companies in London. Then you can feel better about the safety and efficiency of your maintenance work. 

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