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HQ Scaffolding: Professional scaffolding services

We are experienced company that has been operating on the market for 6 years, which employ qualified engineers, operators and designers. We rent scaffoldings for both the construction of newly-built buildings and the renovation of those already present. Our offer is addressed both to individual clients and enterprises.

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The process of renting scaffolding in a few steps:

We offer a quick and transparent process of renting scaffoldings.



We contact by phone or email and arrange a meeting to discuss the details of the project.



During the meeting, we discuss the details of the rental and assessment of costs.



The time of assembling the scaffolding is an individual matter (usually 2-3 days).



After completing the work, we dismantle scaffoldings, and the customer pays rest of charge cost.

Scaffolding Services

We provide a wide range of scaffolding rental services.

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Scaffolding services in London and surrounding areas

Are you planning construction of a new building, renovation of your current home, or maybe doing some maintenance work? In all of those cases, you will be needing professional scaffolding in London, and we will be more than happy to help you! HQ Scaffolding is an experienced, modern company based in Essex, which provides professional rental of scaffolding equipment. We have been operating on the market for the past six years and one of our greatest strengths are highly qualified employees, which include skilled engineers, operators and designers. It is worth noting that we provide rental of scaffolding, both for the construction of brand new buildings and the renovation of the already existing ones. Explore our vast offer and see how we can help you in upcoming projects.

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Our scaffolding company in London provides both commercial and residential scaffolding services. HQ Scaffolding employees will assess your needs and choose the right number of scaffold necessary for completing your tasks. Our experienced team can adjust scaffolding design depending on whether you’ll be working on internal or external repairs, roof replacement, window installation and many other projects. Apart from renting scaffolding in Essex and the whole area of London, HQ Scaffolding also provides Temporary Roofs Systems. This solution will help you to protect the construction site from any weather changes, and you won’t have to delay your planned works.

Of course, the safety of our employees and bystanders is our top priority. That is why during our work we use only tools and materials of the highest quality. Scaffolding constructions are assembled on the ground and securely placed in their designed spot after a thorough safety check. We are also constantly looking for ways, in which we can improve HQ Scaffolding, not only by creating an efficient work system but also by forming a safe space for our workers.

Rent a professional scaffolding

You’re interested in renting our scaffolding? The whole process consists of four easy steps – meeting, valuation, construction and conclusion. First, we arrange a quick meeting that will allow us to get to know each other and freely discuss the details of your project. At the same time, we address the specifics of the scaffolding rental and evaluation of its costs. After all aspects are agreed, we move on to the assembling of the needed equipment, which can take from two to three days. Then, the scaffolding is transported to the construction site and utilised by you accordingly to the accepted terms. After the completion of the project, our employees will dismantle the scaffoldings and you can pay the rest of the charged amount.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us and ask them – our specialists will help you find a solution that meets your individual needs. At HQ Scaffolding, we take every possible measure to ensure that the rental process will run smoothly and efficiently, so you can focus your attention on the construction project.

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