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Scaffold tower rental prices in London

By , January 9, 2020

Are you planning major renovation of the exterior of your building? Or maybe you simply want to paint the house a different colour and repair the roof before the winter? All of these tasks need to be done at a certain height. That is why you should seriously consider the rental of the scaffoldings, which will allow the work crew proper access to the building. But what are the prices of scaffold tower rental in London area? Let’s find out.

Costs of scaffold rental in London

Washing windows, painting the exterior of the house, roofing, repairs, utility jobs – these are just a few tasks that require the presence of the professional scaffold construction. You should remember that scaffolding systems are vital when it comes to carrying out any works performed at heights. And it doesn’t really matter if the building is two, ten or thirty stories high – scaffolds provide safety and stability to people working on the job and allow to minimize any accidents. Now that you know the importance of this construction, you’re probably wondering what are the prices of the scaffold tower rental in London? Well, as you can guess, it all depends on many individual factors. First of all, the cost may vary depending on whether you are interested in commercial or residential scaffolding rental. Of course, the best rental companies in the London area will provide both of these options to the clients.

commercial and residential scaffolds

Rental of commercial and residential scaffolds

You should be aware that London scaffolding rental firms will provide you with a cost estimate only after getting to know your situation better. Any good scaffolding rental company will offer you an evaluation of the costs after meeting with you and learning more about your project. Depending on that, they will inform you what kind of scaffolding construction is needed for your task, for how long, and what will be the cost of such installation. Of course, the scaffold tower rental prices will depend on many factors, such as the width and length of the required solution. If your project is big, it will probably need the installation of a full scaffold system. That, of course, will be much pricier than just one mobile tower. Single towers can be constructed up to a height of 10 metres, and they are one of the quickest and most affordable scaffolding solutions currently available on the market. What is more, they can be placed on wheels, which enables swift relocation of the scaffolding.

Learn about additional costs of scaffold rental

One of the other factors you should take into account is whether the rental company offers the installation and dismantling the scaffolding construction. Remember also that if the scaffold is rented for a longer period of time – for instance, several months – the company can provide regular checks of the technical condition of the installation. Depending on the firm, that can also have an impact on the price of the rental.

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