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Is There a Scaffolding to Rent in London?

By , March 29, 2019

If you live in London, then you’ve probably seen scaffolding on the outside of tall buildings that are being renovated or built. In case you don’t know what scaffolds are, they’re raised platforms which use brackets and frames to hold them in place up high. Most construction companies use prefabricated modular scaffolds nowadays. However, there are also bamboo scaffolds and timber scaffolds available too. You’ll likely see these types of scaffolds used on residential projects, especially houses.

No matter what type of scaffolding you require, you can find that scaffolding to rent in London. HQ Scaffolding is just one company which offers domestic scaffolding in London for either commercial or residential projects. They’re one of the best London scaffolding firms around because of their dedication to customer service and the high-quality work they do. They can supply you with the right type of scaffolding to rent in London which suits your needs.

Commercial scaffolding generally goes higher up than residential scaffolding. This would fall under the category of office buildings, stores, and even apartment buildings in some cases. All these buildings require regular maintenance, such as window washing, side cleaning, and material renovations, repairs, and replacements. If this sounds like what your building needs, then start the process of renting your commercial scaffolding today.

Keep in mind that renting a scaffolding is not like checking out an item and promising to return it within a couple of days. There are some designing and planning that go into it as well. After all, every building is unique in size and shape. The experts at the London scaffolding firms need to study the architectural plans of your building and then sketch designs which show how the scaffolding will be set up around it. This process could take days, weeks, or sometimes even months. It all depends on how big your building is. 

The good news is that once you have the plans of your scaffolding all designed, you won’t have to go through that process again the next time you need to rent scaffolding for the same building. Just be sure to rent it from the same company which already has your designs on file. 

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